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Try These Landscaping Trends

Posted by Lynn Greenstreet on February 26, 2019 in No Category
"Whether you’re trying to sell your home or update the one you recently bought, there are plenty of ways to modernize your landscaping and add a touch of refreshing curb appeal. The latest trends include homeowners stepping outside the box with landscaping designs that have Mother Nature’s best interest at heart. Here’s a list of this years most up and coming popular trends. Growing Produce If you’re going to add plants to the garden, you might as well also grow something to eat. Planting ed... read more
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4 Tips to Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Posted by Lynn Greenstreet on January 29, 2019 in No Category
Plant Trees If you live in the city of trees or an area with plenty of shade you may already be living more efficiently than you think. If not so much, an excellent way to add prolonged energy savings to your home is to plant shade trees in the yard. Not only do trees cut down on the amount of heat that hits your home, but they can also raise your home’s overall value. Trees help the environment by providing more air filtering qualities to the neighborhood. They also provide homes for pollinators an... read more
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Winter Lawn Care Tips

Posted by Lynn Greenstreet on December 19, 2018 in No Category
Caring for your lawn during the winter can look different from other homeowners depending on your location. Unless you live in the extreme Southern areas of the country, most grass types will go dormant during the cold winter months. However, just because winter isn’t the primary growing season doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to still do. Check out these winter lawn care tips to keep your lawn healthy. Apply Fertilizer Choosing to add fertilizer to your lawn before the snow falls is... read more
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The 7 Do’s of Holiday Decorating When Your Home Is for Sale

Posted by Lynn Greenstreet on November 29, 2018 in No Category
Selling your home through the holiday season can certainly come with a few challenges. Chilly, wet weather and falling leaves in November and December might mean more raking and shoveling to keep your home pristine. However, the damp weather and dark skies don’t have to squelch your holiday spirit. In fact, the holidays are a perfect time to showcase the warmth and character of your home to prospective buyers. If you’ve already got the basics of staging under control — meaning you’ve pa... read more
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A Bed For Your Smart Home

Posted by Lynn Greenstreet on November 16, 2018 in No Category
Christmas is almost here! Next week most of us will be shopping like crazy. How does a new bed sound? What if I told you that you can get a smart bed for your smart home?It’s often said that we spend a third of our lives asleep. I wonder how much of that third is actually quality sleep. With all the research coming out recently about the importance of sleep on the quality of our lives and our ability to be creative, it is surprising that we often neglect it all together. Thank goodness there is a bed to ... read more
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